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Self-Storage Talk Wants Your Creative Billboard Slogans

Show off your creative skills by helping an industry colleague on Self-Storage Talk devise a creative slogan for the billboard near his facility.

Calling all brilliant marketing and copy writing minds—it's time to give Roger the Alien something to put on his billboard.

If you're confused, I'm not referring to the bizarre but lovable extraterrestrial on TV's "American Dad" (though I wouldn't be surprised if there is extraterrestrial life in the self-storage business). Instead, I'm talking about the "Roger the Alien" who exists on Self-Storage Talk, the official online forum for Inside Self-Storage.

Roger, who has laid claim to one of the site's funniest username-avatar combinations, would like your help in writing something clever, memorable and customer-enticing on the billboard for his facility. In the past, the facility owned the billboard and rented out the space to other advertisers, but now the space is vacant and Roger figures, "Why not use this giant ad to our advantage?"

A certain witty community manager has already offered this gem: "Lots to stash but low on cash? Come see us here." I realize that tag line sets the bar quite high, but I have faith that you can come up with something even better.

Threads such as Roger's embody everything that's great about Self-Storage Talk. An industry colleague solicits and receives some help, and everyone gets to have fun doing the helping. Not to mention, billboard and marquee slogans are tremendously important for drive-by and walk-up messaging. You cannot underestimate the importance of memorable taglines and eye-catching ads. Self-storage is a competitive business these days, and the best marketers are getting the tenants while others are scrambling.

Additionally, the self-storage industry is constantly fighting the perception that it's a dry, boring business. We all know that's not true—the industry is filled with colorful personalities. An increased amount of creative advertising from facilities would do much to dispel that misconception.

Have a great slogan but can't post on the thread? You must register an account to join in on the fun, which you can do here. Let's put some ingenious stuff on Roger's—and everyone else's—billboards.

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