Todays storage facilities rely on closed-circuit television (CCTV) to provide 24-hour surveillance, a proven marketing advantage over properties with lesser security. DVR USA now brings its expertise to the self-storage industry, offering the latest in video-compression technology at an affordable price.

CCTV is much cheaper now due to new developments in DVR, or digital video recording, says John Kim, vice president of sales and marketing. Since the technology was invented four years ago in South Korea, more VCR tape recordings are being replaced with DVR servers. You can record more than 30 days without having to change tapes, and searching is much easier. Facility owners can also view recordings from the Internet.


Headquartered in Santa Ana, Calif., DVR USA is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of DVR servers and CCTV products. The company utilizes the latest industry standard (ISO/ITU) video compression technology known as H.264. Display and recording of video and audio are in real-time and fully synchronized.

We offer system integration that other companies dont, says Kim. We can custom design our software to work with clients existing software. For example, point of sale, access control, alarms and DVR servers can function as one unit. Few CCTV companies offer this kind of service. It saves owners money because they dont have to replace their old systems to work with our new one.

Developers also crafted the DVR USA application to allow for a facilitys future growth. We do this by building everything on an open architecture, which gives us potential compatibility with all industry standard products, both present and future, Kim explains.


Kim describes the companys CCTV offering as a complete do-it-yourself package with ready cables and preconfigured DVR servers, simply needing to be plugged in. Any local electrician should be able to handle the wiring and camera installation, but DVR USA will provide third-party installation if needed.

Product Array

The companys broad product line extends from professional high-security systems to an array of surveillance goods, making it a one-stop shop for CCTV. We offer several different DVR models, Kim says. We also boast astounding speed for off-site, remote client viewing.

Available products include: professional-quality CCD cameras; real time, 32-Channel DVRs with up to 3 TB; vandal-proof CCD camera domes; mini-spy cameras; and professional pan/tilt/zoom/speed dome cameras.

We are living in a new era of CCTV, says Kim. The clear picture, reliability and ease of operation of DVRs is amazing. Now, with mass production, DVRs are more affordable than ever. Our user-friendly interface is well accepted by dealers as well as end-users. We look forward to serving the self-storage industry.

For more information, call 714.641.1214; e-mail [email protected]; visit

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