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The Rest of the Story

Too often the media runs a story, sometimes even a sensational one, but then the story fades and we dont hear about its conclusion (if there is one). Several months ago, I found this little piece in the London Free Press: High-Rise Concerns, Not Hells Angels, Block Storage Development.

The gist of the story was that the London, Ontario, city council's planning committee became deadlocked over a self-storage project proposed for two adjacent properties. One parcel was occupied by a church and the other by the Hells Angels. The article said neighbors were more concerned by the threat of having a high-rise on the site than the biker gang. Some committee members opposed the project because the land is zoned residential, and they considered a self-storage operation incompatible with the surrounding neighborhood.

Yesterday, London Free Press ran a follow-up to the story. The issues were resolved, and the storage facility allowed. Seems the local residents see self-storage as a preferable neighbor to the Angels.

Its good to have a conclusion even to a small news item like thisespecially when the end of the story is favorable to self-storage.

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