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The Power of the Self-Storage Talk Forum

From the sublime to the realm of Ripleys Believe It or Not, the Self-Storage Talk forum is full of stories of day-to-day operations at facilities across the nation.

From the sublime to the realm of Ripley’s Believe It or Not, the Self-Storage Talk forum is full of stories of day-to-day operations at facilities across the nation. From managers and owners to industry vendors, all join in to help each other solve problems or address concerns. 

Day-to-day management and legal issues seem to garner the most attention. That’s proof that so many are trying their best to do things correctly. Especially now when the overall market is so tight, it pays to keep up to date on what’s happening around you.
Many times it may be a manager asking how to deal with a certain tenant situation. This is where Mr. Ripley comes into play. Or the person developing or considering new construction can access some industry power players, and pick the common brain for ideas and inspiration.
And despite the numerous industry polls and surveys, watching responses to our illustrious thread entitled, “I feel dirty ...” addresses the current state of operations on the ground like no survey ever could. The real people on the front lines are sharing, commiserating and empathizing with each one another as their area markets decline.

Occasionally one is able to report an increase, and while the others are collectively jealous of this person, the green monster never rears its ugly head. Instead, you’ll find encouragement, pats on the back and congratulations from fellow site operators.
We’ve seen people go through job losses and others landing their first job in our industry, to veterans relocating to other areas. Recently, one newbie posted about never using newsprint again as a packing material and why.

Bar none, each person has emphasized his or her enjoyment of the self-storage industry. With all of the ups and downs we’ve seen this past 12-18 months, there are those among us who are trying their best to manage properties and increase their occupancy, all the while knowing their dollars are not what they used to be, and may not be at the previously enjoyed levels for some time to come.

Worries about income abound after ownership says “give away the farm just get those units rented,” while others are “Believe it or not” considering a rent increase. From the sublime to the realm of Ripley’s, there is no better place to ask for help and get almost instantaneous feedback. We hope you’ll join us in the industry’s leading forum. Don’t just lurk about reading, sign up and stay anonymous if you prefer, and offer up your suggestions and help. Collectively, we’re all better off with our combined knowledge and support through trying times.  

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