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Self-Storage Components Manufacturer DBCI Celebrates Safety Milestones


Update 8/10/15– Last month DBCI celebrated seven consecutive years without a single recordable injury.  “I’m proud of everyone in this organization,” said Larry Miller, president. “Safety has been our primary talking point over the past seven years; it’s a culture that is embraced by every person here. This achievement is even more impressive when you consider we have seen a record volume of work this summer.”

Every employee makes a daily commitment to his own safety and that of his co-workers, Page added. “Eight years ago, we struggled with the idea of going accident-free for any extended period of time. Today, those same people talk about how they cut their lawn with safety glasses and earplugs, and shut off the breaker to change a light bulb. The culture has changed from ‘we can’t’ to ‘we will,’” he said.

11/18/14 – DBCI’s Chandler, Ariz., manufacturing facility completed its fifth consecutive year without a single recordable injury on Oct. 29, according to a company press release. Now all three of the company’s manufacturing facilities have operated for more than five years without an accident. The achievement encompasses more than 1.3 million work hours.

“I’m very proud of everyone here,” said Scott Henry, plant manager for the Chandler facility. “Our employees have turned safety into a lifestyle, not just something we talk about.”

DBCI’s manufacturing plants in Georgia and Texas surpassed the six-year accident-free mark earlier this year. DBCI launched its safety initiative in the summer of 2008 at its flagship facility in Douglasville, Ga.

Johnathan Crews, plant manager for the Texas facility, also credits the company’s culture with the program’s success. “Every one of our employees, across all levels of the organization, has made a total commitment to communication, training and engagement,” he said.

Michael Page, Georgia’s plant manager, reflected on what the accomplishment means for the company and himself. “It’s amazing to see how far we have come in such a short period of time,” he said. “Safety has become a mindset that each individual carries with himself daily, at work and at home. I am thankful to take part in it every day.”

7/25/14 –

“I’m proud of everyone in this organization,” said Larry Miller, company president. “Safety has become our primary talking point over the past six years, and to go all that time without a single injury is quite a feat. That doesn’t happen by accident; it’s a culture that has to be embraced by every single person here.”

Jucory Moon, a shipping manager who has been with the company for more than 13 years, said the biggest difference in safety precautions over the past six years is employees care more about safety. “We watch out for each other and talk things through.” However, he also cautioned that getting “too comfortable” is a challenge to keeping employees safe. “It doesn’t take but one second to slip up. We have to engage every day.”

7/18/2013 –

“I’m extremely proud of everyone in this organization,” said Larry Miller, vice president. “Our initial goal was simply to go a single year without an injury. Then we thought, why not two, then three? Now we’re celebrating five because that ambition was embraced by every single person here.”

General Manager Joe Hurst spearheaded the safety effort. “This became about more than just personal safety because working is about being in a community. We introduced a terrific training program, but we also opened up communication channels and reinforced the idea that we are each responsible for the well-being of those around us,” Hurst said.

DBCI designs and manufactures commercial-grade, steel roll-up doors as well as frames and panels, wall systems, interior-hallway systems, mezzanine systems, portable-storage units, and wine lockers. Headquartered in Douglasville, Ga., the company also operates production facilities in Chandler, Ariz., and Houston.

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