Human Remains Found in Lexington, KY, Self-Storage Unit


Update 1/13/14 – The human remains found inside a unit at Econo-Self Storage in Lexington, Ky., last week belong to an elderly white male, but the cause of the man’s death and his identity are still unknown, authorities said. County officials believe they know who the man is but will use dental records and other information to make a confirmation, according to the source.

The man had been dead “for an extended period of time,” according to Lexington police spokesperson Sherelle Roberts.

Earlier reports said the man’s body was found by investigators from the Social Security Administration (SSA), but new reports say the remains were discovered by local detectives acting on a tip from the SSA.

1/10/14 – A human body was discovered by federal investigators this week inside a unit at Econo-Self Storage in Lexington, Ky. Officials from the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) were at the facility on Wednesday investigating a reported financial crime when they discovered the remains and alerted local police.

An autopsy conducted yesterday revealed the person was an adult, white male, but no cause of death or identity have been determined, according to Gary Ginn, the Fayette County coroner. The coroner’s office indicated dental records would be used to try to identify the man.

“Obviously we are aware that someone has concealed another person’s death because we believe that these are humans remains that were found in a storage unit,” Ginn said prior to performing the autopsy.

Police said they planned to interview the person who rented the storage unit, but so far no arrests have been made.

It is unclear what financial-crime allegations agents were looking into at the self-storage facility. The SSA’s Office of Investigations conducts investigative activity related to fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement in SSA programs and operations including wrongdoing by individuals perpetrating criminal activity against the administration, according to the SSA website. The office also investigates allegations of employee misconduct in the performance of their official duties.


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