California Self Storage Association Names Winner in Gingerbread House-Making Event


Update 12/18/2013 – The CSSA announced the winner of its Gingerbread House Showdown event, held on Dec. 15. Lafontaine was chosen by CSSA Facebook voters as the winner for her “A Christmas Story” gingerbread house. Lafontaine won with 263 out of 677 votes. King came in second place with 215 votes, and Amaris in third with 199 votes.

The CSSA is now asking its Facebook friends for ways to destroy the winning gingerbread house. Ideas can be posted to the CSSA Facebook page.

Brenda-Lafontaine-California-Self-Storage-Association-Gingerbread-House*** California-Self-Storage-Association-gingerbread-house***

The California Self Storage Association (CSSA) is hosting a Gingerbread House Showdown event on Dec. 15. Three CSSA staff members will compete to make the best gingerbread house for the holiday season. The competitors include Erin King, CSSA’s executive director; Brenda Lafontaine, online business development and marketing manager; and Amaris Burkel, CSSA’s new manager of operations and member relations.

A Facebook poll in which industry professionals can vote on who they think will make the best gingerbread house is open. The final products will be presented for judgment on CSSA’s Facebook page on Dec. 16.

CSSA is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to supporting the self-storage industry in California. The group offers educational events, networking opportunities, legislative advocacy and more.

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