Self-Storage Door Manufacturer DBCI Achieves Safety Milestone


DBCI, a manufacturer of self-storage roll-up doors and other building components, celebrated a milestone on July 2, marking five consecutive years without a single recordable injury to a company employee. This monumental achievement encompasses more than 450,000 work hours.

“I’m extremely proud of everyone in this organization,” said Larry Miller, vice president. “Our initial goal was simply to go a single year without an injury. Then we thought, why not two, then three? Now we’re celebrating five because that ambition was embraced by every single person here.”

General Manager Joe Hurst spearheaded the safety effort. “This became about more than just personal safety because working is about being in a community. We introduced a terrific training program, but we also opened up communication channels and reinforced the idea that we are each responsible for the well-being of those around us,” Hurst said.

DBCI designs and manufactures commercial-grade, steel roll-up doors as well as frames and panels, wall systems, interior-hallway systems, mezzanine systems, portable-storage units, and wine lockers. Headquartered in Douglasville, Ga., the company also operates production facilities in Chandler, Ariz., and Houston.

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