Impact Recovery Systems Releases Flexible-Steel Bollard System for Self-Storage Facilities


Impact Recovery Systems SlowStop Bollard***Impact Recovery Systems Inc., a manufacturer of flexible traffic-safety products, has released a flexible-steel bollard system called the SlowStop Bollard that the company says is suitable for self-storage applications. The surface-mounted guard post features rebounding technology that is designed to provide the stopping power of an embedded bollard while reducing damage to vehicles, concrete and the bollard itself.

Bollards install easily using common tools and are designed to provide reduced long-term maintenance costs compared to embedded bollards, company officials said. The product can be used to protect buildings, utilities, pedestrians, equipment, pallet racks and drive-through lanes, and have application in a wide range of industries, including self-storage.

“SlowStop will solve the headaches many of our customers face from constantly repairing damaged bollards and concrete,” said Greg Hannah, president of Impact Recovery Systems. “They will be able to easily protect their assets without damaging vehicles and while reducing the risk to passengers.”

Based in San Antonio, Impact Recovery Systems has provided flexible traffic-control products since it was founded in 1991. The company is best known for its line of patented, spring-loaded, rebounding delineators and traffic signs sold in the United States and internationally.

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