Horror Movie ‘Self-Storage’ Available This Summer Through Video On Demand

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“Self-Storage,” a horror movie from Woodhaven Production Co. and Verdi Productions, will be available to viewers this summer through Universal Pictures’ international video-on-demand (VOD) platform. The production companies’ VOD distribution agreement also includes the film “Infected,” which will be available May 7. “Self-Storage” is expected to be released to theaters in March and distributed through VOD beginning July 2.

VOD will make both films accessible to more than 100 million homes. Producer Chad A. Verdi called the deal “a filmmaker’s dream come true.”

The rights to both films were sold to Screen Media Films of New York in October as part of a four-picture deal.

“Self-Storage” is a thriller starring Eric Roberts, Jonathan Silverman and Michael Berryman. It was directed by lead actor Tom DeNucci and shot in East Greenwich, R.I. DeNucci plays Jake, a night watchman at a highly secured self-storage facility. Jake’s friends are home from college and looking to party, so he invites them to his work to indulge in a night of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. However, the characters stumble upon a covert black-market operation and find themselves trapped in an evening of pure terror.

Eliza Roberts and professional wrestlers Tommy Dreamer and Thea Trinidad also appear in the film.


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