Zoning Change Considered for All Seasons Storage in Polk, Iowa

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A public hearing will take place on May 9 to discuss the rezoning of All Seasons Storage in Polk City, Iowa. Currently zoned as central business district, the property may be rezoned as light industrial to comply with the city's updated zoning ordinance, according to the Des Moines Register.

All Seasons Storage was built in 1995 by Mel Lint. At the time, storage facilities were included in the CBD classification, but that all changed in 2003 when Polk City updated its zoning ordinance.

Lint requested permission to build a third storage building in 2004 according to the original approved site plan. But without a rezoning, any new and existing buildings would represent a nonconforming use.  

The city now wants to rezone the property to its original pre-1994 classification: light industrial. The Polk City Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed the proposal in April and recommends the City Council approve the change.


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