Sheriff's Office Suspects Arson in SC Self-Storage Facility Fire


The sheriff's department in York County, S.C., is investigating possible arson in an April 27 at a self-storage facility in the town of Lake Wylie.

The fire resulted in a 5-foot section of damaged fence at Anchor Self Storage, which experienced its second fire in the past few months. The second incidence of fire, along with graffiti and cans of spray cans found at the scene, prompted the arson investigation. A tree near the fence also caught fire.

Anchor Self Storage is located on State Route 49, known locally as Charlotte Highway. Photos from the facility website show its office is connected to a strip mall with brick storage buildings. The facility is one of six managed by operator Carolina Storage Now. The town of Lake Wylie sits adjacent to a lake of the same name, just west of the North Carolina border and about 17 miles from Charlotte.


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