Police Recover Stolen Goods From Connecticut Self-Storage, Arrest Two


Police recovered an estimated $750,000 worth of stolen cash, fur coats, jewelry, guns, art and other items from a self-storage unit in East Lyme, Conn., and arrested two men in connection with a string of residential burglaries.

The items were recovered from Rent-A-Space at 9 King Arthur Drive. Police believe the men were involved in nearly 100 residential burglaries along the Interstate 95 corridor.

State police arrested Bernard McAllister, 40, and Mark Missino, 43. Both are convicted felons.

The men were arrested Thursday about 5:40 p.m. in Massachusetts just hours after police held a press conference displaying the stolen goods and released wanted posters with photos of the men.

The collection of stolen items was discovered Saturday when East Lyme Police Det. Donald Marr and Officer Mark Comeau spotted the men coming out of a storage unit. The men ran away, leaving behind a vehicle that matched the description of one seen at a burglary earlier that evening. Police are now attempting to find the owners of the stolen items.


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