N.J. Self-Storage Owner Wins Battle Over Fire-Hazard Fee


A self-storage operator in New Jersey has spent four years battling a Life Hazard Use Fee, and has finally won.

Businesses that are required to have a Life Hazard Use permit must register with the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs and pay an annual fee to offset the costs of administering and enforcing the Uniform Fire Code.

Mitch Danzis, owner of Storage Station in Bernardsville, N.J., filed an administrative appeal against the fee, stating it was being misapplied by classifying self-storage facilities in with warehouses, and the fee was implemented randomly. The added expense, which could amount to several thousand dollars annualy, would also create unnecessary regulations, Danzis said.

In September, an administrative law judge agreed with Danzis, referencing a state statute that shows a self-storage facility is not a warehouse.


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