XPS Solutions and QuikStor Offer Call-Center Integration


XPS Solutions, which offers call-center solutions for the self-storage industry, and QuikStor, a self-storage security and software provider, are now offering call-center integration.

“QuikStor customers have been asking us for call-center integration and we’re proud to announce that XPS has provided a full-featured service that delivers. Their customer service and reputation in the industry makes them an excellent choice, and when combined with QuikStor software, this integration provides facilities with a great overall solution,” said Tony Gardner, QuikStor’s vice president of operations. 

XPS Solutions’ call center will exchange real-time data with QuikStor’s software. Trained professionals will provide QuikStor customers with up-to-date prices, specials and storage availability.  “Not only will this bring value-added services, it also gives QuikStor customers the added convenience of making payments in a secure and live environment,” said Michael Roberts, vice president of business development for XPS Solutions. 

The XPS suite of products captures and tracks new leads and lead sources, and receives payment transactions through the use of call center, Web platform and interactive voice response tools.  

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