Smart Storage Concepts Releases Privately Branded Centralized Reservations System


Smart Storage Concepts unveiled a private-labeled Centralized Reservations System (CRS) designed specifically for the self-storage industry this week at Spacesavers Storage in Tampa, Fla. The reservations platform allows the self-storage operator to maximize his Internet-distribution strategy while maintaining his unique brand and individualized company identity.

The new CRS can be matched to the “look and feel” of any self-storage facility’s existing website. It can be embedded wherever desired on the website, integrated with several self-storage management software applications, and is operational in just a few minutes. The system allows operators to update unit descriptions, inventory availability, rates, special offers and more while website visitors make reservations and receive personalized confirmations via their PC or mobile device. There is no set-up fee or monthly minimum to load the CRS onto a facility’s website.

The CRS can be viewed in action at and

Smart Storage Concepts is a subsidiary of Smart Marketing Concepts Inc., an Internet marketing and technology company formed in 2003. It provides a real-time interface to self-storage management programs including Domico, SiteLink, Storage Commander, STORE, QSX Management Software and WinSen.

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