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Upickstorage.com, the provider of an online facility-comparison shopping tool for self-storage customers, launched a new website at Upickstoragesupplies.com to provide wholesale product to self-storage operators. Facility owners and managers can purchase locks, moving and packing equipment, manager accessories, and maintenance supplies through the site.
Upickstorage.com hopes to extend its customer base, take advantage of cross-marketing opportunities, and help facility operators nationwide save money on their supply and marketing costs, according to a press release. Any facility owner who purchases product from Upickstoragesupplies.com will receive an in-kind trade of equal value from Upickstorage.com. By purchasing products, they will get online marketing for free.
“In these times of economic uncertainty, we facility owners are tired of getting nickel and dimed to death,” said Brandon Braud, president of sales and marketing. “We wanted to create a way for facility owners to buy the products they need to resell at their locations, and have the customers we send them regularly pay for those products. In essence, we wanted to make the entire Upick experience free.”
Upickstorage.com is an online portal that custom matches self-storage consumers with nearby facilities, allowing them to compare options and find the best prices.

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