Aloha Island Self Storage Sued Over Toxic Mold

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Aloha Island Self Storage of Kapolei, Hawaii, is being sued by a woman and her mother for damage to their stored goods they say was caused by a leaky roof and the resulting mold. The lawsuit accuses the facility of negligence and fraudulent advertising. The tenants are asking for approximately $60,000 in damages.
Alexis Anderson Wooten and her mother stored their possessions in a 10-by-10-foot unit at the facility from November 2007 until September 2009. When they went to retrieve their items, they found everything covered in a rainbow-colored mold that a specialist claimed was toxic.
The facility management admitted to Anderson Wooten via e-mail that there had been a leak in the roof of the new facility in January 2008. Andersen Wooten said they were never informed of this problem. They paid $277 per month in rent.
Andre Wooten is serving as the attorney for the two women.

Source: KITV Honolulu, Family Says Toxic Mold Covered Storage Items

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