RT Recycling Containers


New recycling containers from Witt Industries allow either one-stream recycling or three separate stream recycling to be collected within a small area.  The metal containers are available in 24 gallon and 34.5 gallon and are good for the collection of paper, clear plastics, glass and other recyclable materials.

The single-opening or three-opening lids are removable. Each recycling stream is collected in a separate heavy-duty plastic liner, which keeps the streams separated for quick and convenient collection. Available in standard blue or black, RT recycling containers include a durable recycling logo. 

Witt Industries is a woman-owned manufacturer of a full-range of metal waste and recycling receptacles for indoor or outdoor environments. Witt Industries products are used in commercial and institutional settings including hotels and motels, commercial office lobbies and atria, hospitals, casinos, schools, restaurants, stadiums, arenas and more.

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