U.K.'s Storing.com Celebrates 10 Years


Storing.com, a Bedford, London-based storage company, is celebrating  10 years in the self-storage industry. The company offers long- and short-term storage solutions for commercial and residential customers. Storing.com also offers a collection and delivery service, including an experienced crew of movers, in several areas, including Herts, London and Essex. The collection service is free to customers who sign a six-month lease.

Storage.com also offers shipping services, a wide range of packing materials, and records-management storage including bar-code cataloging and document tracking. Other benefits from Storing.com include discounted rates and fixed-price guarantees for up to five years.

“I have been extremely pleased with how Storing.com has developed, especially in the current economic climate,” says Director Guy Burridge. “It shows that customers are still out there, but they simply want good value and hassle-free service, as well as the security of knowing that their possessions are in safe keeping.”

Source:  Official Spin,  Storing.com,  Self Storage London Still Offer Best Value

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