Denver Storage Facilities Visited in Connection With Terrorist Concerns

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Earlier this week, federal agents visited at least one Denver-area self-storage facility in an effort to determine if two men and two women that may be connected with a terrorist plot have recently rented a self-storage unit. On Monday, they visited Southland Self Storage in Aurora, Colo., showing pictures of the four people.
According to facility manager Harvey Boardman, one of the photos was of Najibulluh Zazi, who has undergone several days of interviews with agents after anonymous reports that he admitted to some level of contact with al-Qaeda. His attorney said Zazi has not admitted to having ties with any terrorist group. Zazi has not been arrested or charged.
According to news reports, federal officials are focused on individuals with possible links to al-Qaeda and a potential plot involving peroxide-based bombs concealed in backpacks.
Source: The Denver Post, Link to al-Qaeda reported Auroran admits to some contact, news sources say

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