U.S. Door Launches Virtual Design Studio for Self-Storage

U.S. Door & Building Components, which provides a broad range of self-storage components and related construction services, introduced a Virtual Design Studio that allows users to see in real time how changing a project’s design will affect its unit mix and return on investment. The program includes financial modeling based on “what if” scenarios. Projected monthly and yearly returns can be calculated immediately.
To use the program, a user visits www.gotomeeting.com and clicks on "Join a Meeting" on the left side of the Web page. Using an access number provided by U.S. Door, the user is then live on screen with a company representative. Then he can view potential unit mixes, snap-shot pro formas, pictures, and other items of relevance to his project. Once the online session is complete, the user receives an e-mail with a copy of his proposed design.
“We are now able to work in real-time with our customers,” said Charles “Chip” Cordes, vice president. “The ability to change unit mixes, discuss different scenarios and show the results instantly saves time and helps our customers understand the best layout for their facility.”
To schedule a Virtual Design Studio appointment, call 877.USDOOR1 or e-mail usdoordesignstudio@usdoor.com.
U.S. Door has been an international self-storage supplier for more than 30 years. In addition to roll-up doors, the company offers a complete portfolio of products including hallway and corridor systems, swing doors, lockers, EZ Access wicket doors, relocatable buildings and mezzanine systems. The company’s services include project design, engineering, unit-mix layout, custom product design and installation. For more information, visit www.usdoor.com.
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