Sovran Receives 'Outperform' Ratings from Analysts

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According to an article posted on, Sovran Self Storage continues to receive an “outperform” rating from analysts, and prospects for the company grow brighter. In June, analysts from A.G. Edwards & Sons upgraded the company’s stock from “hold” to “buy,” setting a target price at $51 per share. The financial firm reiterated its rating in July, increasing the objective price to $54. This month, analyst Mike Salinsky of RBC Capital Markets gives Sovran an “outperform” rating and again raises estimates for Sovran. The target price has jumped to $55.

In his research notes, Salinsky said Sovran’s acquisition volumes have more than doubled year-to-date, and the company is on point to complete additional purchases worth $30-$45 million by year’s end. These acquisitions, along with the projections associated with the recently acquired Cornerstone portfolio, are expected to further boost the company’s growth.

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