Leeds Company Trials 'Mobile Stock Room'

The Store Room successfully launches mobile stock room to serve mobile self-storage needs for England retailers.

Leeds, England-based The Store Room has completed a trial contract of providing mobile storage to a retail business and deemed the project a success.

According to an article in the Yorkshire Evening Post, shopping-mall retailer River Island contracted with The Store Room to store excess stock offsite, in what was described as an innovative alternative to "unwieldy and unsightly freight-storage containers." Following the positive trial experience, River Island has signed a contract to continue service for the next six months.

The Store Room, based in Millshaw, Beeston, reportedly spent two years to design the mobile stock-room concept, which is fully alarmed and uses a patented hydraulic system for quick and easy deliveries and pick-ups of units. The facility is adding 50 more units to its inventory to keep up with increased demand from other retailers, including a locally based supermarket.


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