5 Simple Tips to Grow Your Self-Storage Facilitys Facebook Page

When operating a business in a niche market like self-storage, growing an audience on Facebook is a challenge. Here are some tips to help self-storage operators not only grow the number of fans on their Facebook page but increase engagement with their target audience.

By Katelyn Murray

When you operate a business in a niche market like self-storage, growing an audience on Facebook is a challenge. Because this industry can be a tough market to build likes around, this article will offer some specific and general tips that will help facility managers not only grow the number of fans on their Facebook page but increase engagement with their target audience there.

No. 1: Brand Your Page

Facebook can feel like an impersonal platform for your business. However, there are small efforts your company can make that will help personalize your page and better connect with your target audience. These include creating a branded cover image, completing the information fields about your company, and adding several images of your facility and your employees. This will encourage your target audience to endorse your page.

No. 2: Basic Engagement

The single best way to capture the interest of anyone on Facebook is to engage consistently. Whether you post about something interesting happening at your facility, a promotion youre running, or a link to an article about creative organization by Martha Stewart, consistently posting content on your page is a way to let your audience know you are active and engaged. Otherwise, what motivation do they have to add you to their daily newsfeed?

Piggybacking on that point, make sure the content you post on your Facebook page is not all promotional content about you. Post content your audience will enjoy as well. Heres a great rule of thumb to keep in mind: Nobody wants to befriend someone who only talks about himself. Focus on content that not only benefits you but also your customers.

No. 3: Focus on Imagery

A reputable marketing study recently revealed customers engage with images more than any other content on Facebook brand pages. There are two reasons why images are easier to incite engagement. First, the Facebook user doesnt have to leave the page to read or watch what youve posted. Second, once a user has liked your image, that image then appears in their own newsfeed for all of their friends to see. (Note: Images users like on Facebook appear in their newsfeeds, even if they dont share them.)

This means when youre culling for images to post, you should focus on including one your customers will not only like, but will also feel comfortable sharing in their own newsfeeds. Hint: That photo of your 12-by-12 unit may not qualify.

No. 4: Integrate Existing Promotions

Examine your promotional calendar for the year and think creatively about ways to integrate growing your Facebook network into your seasonal campaigns. For example, if you offer a moving special every summer, why not attach an incentive for that target audience to join you on Facebook to take advantage of your promotion?

More specifically, the campaign might look a little something like this: Receive free moving boxes when you like Smiths Storage on Facebook. Keep in mind, growing your Facebook page might take a little financial investment on your part, but you might be surprised at how easy it can be to incentivize customers.

No. 5: Add Customer Service

Facebook company pages have commonly evolved into channels for customer service. Because users can reach a brand directly and personally through their Facebook pages, using a page for customer service has surfaced as a best practice in just the past few years.

On that note, if you open your page up to your customers, make sure they are responded to promptly and in public. Whether your customers wall posts are positive or negative, its critical to respond to every comment and make sure its visible to the rest of your Facebook audience.

There are several small things you can do to incite growth of your facilitys Facebook page. One thing to always keep in mind: Creative thinking and establishing a genuine persona for your business on Facebook are core strategies that should motivate everything your company does there.

Katelyn Murray is a marketing manager with EZ Storage, a self-storage facility with three locations in the Boston-metro area including Framingham, Natick and Newton. For more information, visit www.ezstoragenow.com .

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