Universal Insurance Facilities Ltd.

Meet the Team

IN THE WORLD OF SELF-STORAGE, MANY OWNERS ASSUME TERRIBLE things only happen to the other guy. But in today's litigious society, recognizing and controlling liability exposures must be a prime concern for every business owner. No one expects to be sued, but even the most responsible businessperson may face litigation from any number of parties. Over the years, Universal Insurance Facilities Ltd. has provided quality insurance coverages--and peace of mind--for self-storage owners.

Universal is an established, successful, managing general agency and a wholly owned subsidiary of Virgo Publishing One of the company's goals is to provide the self-storage market the best service and coverages possible. Thousands of self-storage owners will attest to that fact. Universal's specialized industry focus has given it a unique advantage in the insurance marketplace. The agency's true strength, however, lies in the quality and professionalism of its employees. Their experience, combined with comprehensive coverages, affordable premiums and the agency's commitment to customer service, has made Universal a top choice for smart business owners across the nation.

Universal's office is staffed by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced insurance specialists in the country:

Randy J. Tipton
Randy J. Tipton, vice president of strategic planning. Randy is responsible for creating specialized insurance programs for niche markets and managing their direction and focus. Many ISS readers may already know Randy. She attends self-storage tradeshows across the country, holds insurance seminars and visits self-storage owners from East to West. Randy is viewed by many as one of the leading self-storage insurance experts in the country and is called on by many for advice regarding insurance. She is also responsible for overseeing all of Universal's insurance operations. A seasoned insurance industry professional with more than 25 years of underwriting, marketing and management experience, Randy holds a property/casualty agent and brokers license and is a certified insurance counselor.

Dawn Santarlasci
Dawn Santarlasci, operations supervisor. Dawn is responsible for overseeing all of Universal's internal support functions including rating, policy issuance and records maintenance. A seasoned professional with more than 25 years of insurance-industry experience, Dawn holds a property/casualty agent license. Dawn and her staff are the folks you talk to when reporting a claim, so while you might not recognize Dawn, she is the friendly voice calming you after a loss occurs.

Frank L. Roberts
Frank L. Roberts, manager of information systems. Frank is responsible for increasing system automation to provide faster and better service for Universal's customers. With more than 30 years of insurance-industry experience, Frank previously served as vice president of information resources for another insurance company, where he provided database administration, bureau and statistical reporting, and management information and reporting.

Kay Schaefer
Kay Schaefer, director of program sales. Kay is a knowledgeable insurance professional with more than 25 years of rating, marketing, management and underwriting experience. Kay previously held a variety of positions at Transamerica Insurance and Scottsdale Insurance, where she developed a broad background in property and casualty insurance. Kay holds an associate's degree in underwriting and a property/casualty agent license.

Amy Brown
Amy Brown, marketing coordinator. Amy is responsible for providing advertising and marketing support for Universal's self-storage insurance programs. With a background in communication, graphic design and copywriting, Amy previously served as an advertising art director for Virgo Publishing

There are other key players for Universal's self-storage team, such as account executives Laura Roy, Molly Glidden and Rachel Setzer. Their main responsibility is to provide sales and underwriting for the self- storage program. They are the first to speak with and provide customer service to clients with questions and problems. You will often see them at various tradeshows and other industry events, handing out information and answering questions. Laura, Molly and Rachel all hold property/ casualty agent licenses and have extensive knowledge and experience in the self-storage insurance industry.

Molly Glidden

Rachel Setzer

Laura Roy

For more information, call 800.844.2101 or visit www.vpico.com/universal.

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