Inside Self-Storage International 2017


The Inside Self-Storage International issue is a snapshot of the self-storage industry around the world. Written by industry experts, the articles offer an in-depth analysis on development, trends, investment opportunities and more in several countries.


  • The Storage Industry Surges Ahead: Get a global view of industry trends, awareness and transactions.
  • The Sun Shines on Asia: Read why the industry is optimistic about growth and how its building a sustainable business platform.
  • Building an Empire in the Philippines: In this interview, Howard Sy discusses the challenges to building in the country.
  • Driving Growth in Australasia: Find out what's driving demand in this region as well as industry growth and market awareness.
  • Is Overbuilding Imminent in Australia?: The article questions whether overbuilding is on the horizon and offers a performance overview of existing operations.
  • Giba Goes Green: Find out how the operator is meeting the need for clean energy at its facility in Westmead, South Africa.
  • Challenges for the Maturing European Market: The CEO of the Federation of European Self Storage Associations explores the impact of language barriers, land scarcity and more.
  • Demand on the Rise in Finland: Although the market is still relatively new, the demand for the service is great.
  • Embracing Mixed-Use Development in Scotland: Learn about Storage Vault's second project, and why the company chose to incorporate something new.
  • An American Builds in Germany: An American discusses his foray into the market, and the challenges he faced building three All Seasons facilities.
  • Building Up in Latin America: Find out why the momentum for storage is going in one direction—up!
  • A Customized Business Model in Colombia: Read about an operator who's following the U.S. business model but customizing it to fit consumer preferences.
  • The Canadian Growth Surge: While experiencing a real estate boom, the country's storage sector faces significant obstacles to entry.
  • Weighing Risk Vs. Reward in Canada: Find out why some owners may be jeopardizing their investment by overleveraging their properties.


  • An overview of the self-storage market around the world
  • Development, challenges and trends in several international markets
  • Advice for international owners, investors, operators and developers