Inside Self-Storage Boat/RV/Mobile Storage

Inside Self-Storage Boat/RV/Mobile Storage


Operating a Boat/RV-Storage Business: Learn how amenities and outstanding customer service will help you gain and retain these unique customers.

Building a Boat/RV Storage Facility: Get an overview of the types of storage you can build, the costs involved and how to make more money from this growing niche business.

Storage Captures Solar Power: Learn how a California boat/RV-storage facility is using solar power to generate revenue, cut costs and support the environment.

Adding a Portable to Self-Storage: Operators of traditional self-storage facilities can augment their business by adding portable-storage containers. Get tips for being successful.

Launching a Portable-Storage Business: Take a closer look at the benefits, costs and potential revenue for this market segment's primary business routes.

Insurance Coverage for Mobile: Is your mobile-storage operation adequately protected? Here's what you need to know.

Portable-Container Rental Laws: Get up to speed on contract terms and lien laws, which differ from those of traditional self-storage.

Portable-Storage Management Software: Consider these five features when choosing management software for your business.

Creating a Unique Brand: COWS Mobile Storage shows operators how it used a catchy idea to 'mooove' ahead of the competition.