Inside Self-Storage International

Inside Self-Storage International

The Inside Self-Storage International supplement issue examines the development and performance of self-storage facilities in markets around the world. This edition includes an analysis of the Japanese self-storage market, including a comparison to the U.S. industry and unique business challenges faced in that country. It also addresses the state of self-storage in Australia/New Zealand, Latin America, the Philippines, South Africa, Thailand and the United Kingdom, with articles contributed by experts in those regions.

Self-Storage in Japan: Steve Spohn, president of QURAZ, Japan's largest self-storage operator, discusses the state of the industry, its big industry players, unit sizes and rates, business models, and how it all compares to the U.S. market.

Challenges Facing Japanese Operators: While demand for self-storage in Japan continues to grow, operators face numerous obstacles, including public awareness.

Update From Down Under: Dallas Dogger addresses the state of self-storage in Australia and New Zealand, explaining that while growth and occupancy have been quiet in 2011, the outlook for 2012 is sanguine.

The Philippines' First Self-Storage Facility: ISS speaks with Carlo Coronel, an owner of Safehouse Storage, about product awareness and future competition.

Self-Service Storage in Latin America: Though self-storage is young in this region, the business growing with support from an expanding customer base and an industry-specific association.

United Kingdom Snapshot: An overview of self-storage growth, performance, marketing and more.

Self-Storage in South Africa: With a lack of professionalism and sophistication, and low public awareness of the product's benefits, self-storage has a way to go before it reaches the next stage in its development lifecycle.

Thailand's MY STORAGE: Nestled in a mixed-use development, this self-storage operation in Patong, Phuket, tackles development and operational challenges.