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Tony Jones

Tony Jones
Manager, Inside Self-Storage Store


Dare to Be Different: Put Your Self-Storage Talents on Full Display

What can an elementary school talent show teach self-storage businesses about basic marketing and business principles? As it turns out, plenty. If you’re going to operate in a competitive environment crowded with many of the same types of businesses, you have to outperform them to be successful. More importantly, you’ll prove most memorable to customers through your strategic points of differentiation.
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Is Your Self-Storage Business in Shape for Summer?

Summer is the season of youth and vitality, vigor and confidence. And for many self-storage operators, it’s also the busiest time of the year. Although we’re already in the middle of the season, it’s not too late to begin your business workout regimen. The ISS Store has the gear and personal trainers to help you whip your operation into shape.
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Tailor Your Self-Storage Service to Individual Customers

The more you can make customers feel like they have an ongoing, positive relationship with your self-storage business, the more opportunities you create to establish brand loyalty and drive referrals. The core principle here is strategically applying personalization to your marketing, customer service and sales efforts.
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Optimize the Customer Experience by Thinking Like a Self-Storage Retailer

The self-storage industry may have grown from an industrial frame of mind, but moving forward, storage operators should increasingly ramp up the retail aspects of their business. Thinking like a specialty retailer is much different than simply providing storage space. Providing rented space may be the core act of your operation, but it should not define the totality of your service value.
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Your Self-Storage Business Is Talking … Are You Listening?

The ability to listen to customer and employee needs is critical to business success. How well self-storage operators hear tenants or potential customers and staff can make the difference between a thriving workplace and a dysfunctional one. The art of listening well is a top-down proposition when it comes to business management and a ground-up philosophy central to effective customer service.
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Your GPS Guide to Customer-Service Education at ISS Expo

While there is one ISS Expo education session solely devoted to customer service issues, there are other presentations that touch on key aspects of service and customer engagement that should prove beneficial to your business operation. If you’re attending the expo with customer-service concerns, let this blog serve as your GPS guide.
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Is Your Self-Storage Manager Prepared to Take the Wheel?

While trying to teach my teenager how to drive, I underestimated the complexity of driving for someone who has never been behind the wheel. At the outset, nothing is natural when sitting in the driver’s seat. What eventually becomes second nature with experience is initially foreign and confusing. The controls are intimidating and all the variables of the road can be overwhelming. The same can be true for an inexperienced manager of a self-storage business.
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