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Tony Jones

Tony Jones
Manager, Inside Self-Storage Store


Using Self-Reflection to Improve Self-Storage Customer Service

The most difficult customers can make work challenging, creating unexpected or unreasonable hoops to jump through and testing one’s patience and boundaries of decorum. Lately, I’ve used negative instances we’ve experienced in the Inside Self-Storage Store to reflect on my own behavior as a customer. The exercise not only has made me a nicer customer to deal with, it’s improved my customer-service skills.
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Should Self-Storage Operators Muddy Their Boots With Yelp and Other Social Media?

Using Yelp and other social media outlets effectively can be a tricky course for the best self-storage operators. Online customer reviews and written interaction with prospects and tenants can be equally rewarding and infuriating. Throw in the complicated dynamic of how search engines use these channels to boost or suppress a storage facility’s search rankings, and the prospect of navigating through the muck without severely soiling one’s shoes gets murky.
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Making the Right Call on Self-Storage Business Accountability

Just as umpires have to diffuse volatile situations with players, self-storage managers sometimes have to calm customers who genuinely believe damage has been inflicted upon their property or well-being. How managers handle themselves when things go awry can go a long way toward building customer loyalty. Admitting fault when warranted and demonstrating accountability is sometimes a necessary but valuable part of meaningful customer service.
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Dare to Be Different: Put Your Self-Storage Talents on Full Display

What can an elementary school talent show teach self-storage businesses about basic marketing and business principles? As it turns out, plenty. If you’re going to operate in a competitive environment crowded with many of the same types of businesses, you have to outperform them to be successful. More importantly, you’ll prove most memorable to customers through your strategic points of differentiation.
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Is Your Self-Storage Business in Shape for Summer?

Summer is the season of youth and vitality, vigor and confidence. And for many self-storage operators, it’s also the busiest time of the year. Although we’re already in the middle of the season, it’s not too late to begin your business workout regimen. The ISS Store has the gear and personal trainers to help you whip your operation into shape.
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Tailor Your Self-Storage Service to Individual Customers

The more you can make customers feel like they have an ongoing, positive relationship with your self-storage business, the more opportunities you create to establish brand loyalty and drive referrals. The core principle here is strategically applying personalization to your marketing, customer service and sales efforts.
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Optimize the Customer Experience by Thinking Like a Self-Storage Retailer

The self-storage industry may have grown from an industrial frame of mind, but moving forward, storage operators should increasingly ramp up the retail aspects of their business. Thinking like a specialty retailer is much different than simply providing storage space. Providing rented space may be the core act of your operation, but it should not define the totality of your service value.
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