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Get in the Spotlight: Finding Media Opportunities for Your Self-Storage Facility

Creating a brand and buzz around your self-storage facility can be difficult. However, thanks to the Internet and online publications, generating content and finding placement to spotlight your storage business is now easier than ever. By knowing some tools and tricks of the trade you’ll be able to find media exposure for your facility before you know it.
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Improving Click-Through Rate on Your Self-Storage Paid-Search Ads

While you may not have to pay anything if your paid-search ads don’t receive any clicks, a poor click-through rate creates its own set of problems. Guest blogger Nick Bilava of discusses why you should care about the click-through rate and offers tips on improving the effectiveness of your pay-per-click advertising campaigns.
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Self-Storage, Technology and Around the Clock Convenience

Businesses in every sector, including the self-storage industry, are using technology to respond to the increasing demand from their customers to have products and services when they want them. Here are a few technology-based tools operators can use to add around the clock convenience for their customers.
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2015 ISS Expo Brings Self-Storage World Together

With self-storage development churning at a quickening pace across the globe, guest blogger David Blum says the large number of international attendees at the 2015 ISS Expo were a terrific indication of the amount of interest and activity blossoming in emerging markets. As the industry continues to grow globally, the thirst for good information on development and operation will only increase.
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Google’s Algorithm Update: Tips for Self-Storage Operators

April 21 could change things for many self-storage operators. Dubbed “Mobilegeddon” by insiders in the Web industry, it’s the day search engine giant Google will begin to treat websites that are not mobile-friendly different in search rankings from those that are optimized for tablets and smartphones.
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5 Ways to Stand Out as an Independent Self-Storage Operator

It’s difficult for independent self-storage operators to beat national and regional players in their market by trying to play the same game. Instead, guest blogger Nick Lackner offers up a handful of creative strategies he deployed at City Center Self Storage in Pittsburgh to get his business noticed in the marketplace and exploit its points of differentiation.
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Treasure Trove: 8 Amazing and Unexpected Items Found in Self-Storage Units

Weird and amazing things show up in self-storage units all the time. There's no limit to what some people decide to store away for later, and these oddities can range from the incredibly valuable to the downright creepy. This list includes some of the most bizarre things that have been found in storage units.
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