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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell

Reading really IS FUNdamental!

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You remember this public-service slogan from many years ago? Heck, I don't know—maybe they're still using it. It came to mind while I was dreaming up a catchy way to promote the latest addition to our list of free resources: the new ISS E-Book Series.

This month, to complement the print edition of Inside Self-Storage magazine, we have made available for download an e-book titled "Explore Your Ancillary Options." It focuses on things storage operators and managers can do to boost their bottom line in a competitive environment, from retails sales to boat/RV storage to post and parcel. It's free, so it certainly can't hurt to take a looksee.

Our aim is to provide a new book at least every other month. In November, for example, you'll have access to "Show Me the Funding! Self-Storage Financing." The great thing about these puppies is you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere—all you need is a computer with a web connection and a valid e-mail address (the books are e-mailed to you in PDF format).

Check the ISS website regularly to see what new offerings await. For webinars, visit For e-books, visit Enjoy!



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