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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell

And away we go at the ISS Expo...

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It's technically day 2 of the ISS Expo in Las Vegas, and I'm hiding in a small corner behind the registration desk attempting to get this post up. It's been no easy task, let me tell ya. I've been on the floor since 8 a.m., and this is the first opportunity I've had to sneak away and do some frantic typing. It doesn't help that we're lacking a wireless network by the seminar rooms. I'm actually hardwired here. Blech.


The show is happily packed, and we kicked off the education proceedings with a keynote presentation by David Perez, CEO of Latin Force LLC. He spoke about the expanding U.S. Hispanic market and how it will affect self-storage business moving forward. The opening display, with sexy Latino marketing imagery and rythms, was particularly snazzy.


Here's a picture of David (right) with ISS Publisher, Troy Bix (middle), and a representative from our keynote sponsor,



I'll be posting event updates and tidbits throughout the day, so keep watch!



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