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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell


Fortune Cookie Economics

[A guest blog spot by ISS Managing Editor Elaine Foxwell.] I am once again putting together the annual Inside Self-Storage U.K./Europe supplement issue. I approached this project with anticipation and a little trepidation. How will we be received this year? The value of the dollar has dropped against many currencies. The pound is at a high I haven’t seen in 20 years or more. While this is good ...
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Wonderfully Weightless, or Just Whack?

It happens before every long weekend ... work will be progressing (or not progressing) as normal ... every cog and wheel churning along at its usual, pedantic pace ... then Thursday hits. Suddenly, many of your previously polite co-workers and customers have seemingly sprouted horns and a pitchfork overnight. They're calling you twelve times a day. You've got 2,465 e-mails, all flashing "urgent." ...
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A Roundabout Tale of How Addictive Television May Have Changed This Blog

Warning: This is a rambling, roundabout tale. But it does eventually have a point—a point to do with an epiphany I've had about this very blog. If you're looking for insightful storage news, I'm afraid this entry will disappoint. But if you're a regular "Storage Speak" reader, stick around ... This might interest you ... I'm not what I would consider a "TV watcher." Don't get me wrong—I spend my ...
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After the Funeral

[A guest blog spot by ISS Editor Drew Whitney.] I recently attended a funeral for a person who passed away at the age of 50. He was a rather nomadic character who had lived out West and in New England. His death was shockingly unexpected, as he seemed to be the picture of good health. He was not married but had a girlfriend of 10 years, and three siblings, who loved him dearly. I only met the man ...
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Living in a Box

It's not unheard of for a person to be living in a storage unit, and it's not always a homeless person or a prostitute or some criminal on the lam. I well remember, back in college, dating a guy who bunked out in his band's rented practice space after he and his roomates were ousted from their apartment. (In fact, on any given night, there was many a colorful character who could be found drooling ...
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Struggle for Storage REITS?

An entry posted this morning by Hilary Kramer to BloggingStocks discusses the status of Public Storage (PSA) stock, which has dropped in price by about 35 percent in recent months. According to Kramer, "The company's net income in 2006 was well below what it was in 2005, after a few years of steady growth, and the first two quarters of 2007 haven't been much better. Net income in the second ...
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Ahhhhhhhh, Camping!

[A guest blog spot by ISS Managing Editor Drew Whitney.] It’s Saturday morning. Outdoors, bees and lawn mowers are buzzing. Inside, the family’s buzzing too—with excitement. Today’s the day we’re going camping! This is our favorite pastime. When my husband and I met, we camped on one coast and then the other. We brought to the marriage several sizes of tents. Camping was always a sweet adventure ...
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