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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell


Back From the Big Easy

I return from a week-long sojourn in New Orleans to find the new ISS website is alive and doing well. Response, so far, has been positive, with users expressing gratitude for the ease in navigation. While I endorse the organization and simplicity of the design, there's something about this new page that seems antiseptic to me, cold. But so long as folks can find what they need when they need it, ...
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You’re Living in What? A Self-Storage Pod!?

[A guest blog spot by ISS Managing Editor Elaine Foxwell.] Example of dry British humor: Two men are leaning against the bar having a drink. The first says, “I buried my wife yesterday.” The second says, “Oh, that’s too bad.” The first replies laconically, “Had to. Dead, you know.” OK, so not many folks on this side of the pond may find that hilarious, but I do. Recently, I read about a new ...
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Storage Spooktacular

What I'm about to tell you will come as a total shock. Be seated. Have a fan at the ready. I'm a freak about Halloween. Yes, really. Those of you who don't know me are thinking, "So what?" Those of you who do are probably chuckling to yourself, because you know the above is really an understatement. Freak doesn't cover it. Fanatic? Maybe. Think of it this way: If Halloween were a person, I'd be ...
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Self-Storage Potluck

[A guest blog spot by ISS Editor Drew Whitney.] At the end of last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Greater Northeastern Conference and Trade Show, sponsored by the Massachusetts Self Storage Association. Despite the higher than normal autumn temperatures, the winds were blowing and a torrential downpour set the scene for a dull, gloomy day. Nevertheless, inside the Sheraton Hotel in ...
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In Times of Great Crisis ...

... there can be a great crisis. And that's just how it is. Here at ISS, we're in a "crisis of bounty," meaning we've got too many good things happening at once. Not a bad problem to have. I'm just dotting the i's and crossing the t's on our December 2007 issue, which focuses on self-storage staffing. It's a must-read for those of you who want tips on hiring, compensation, bonuses, incentives, ...
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Busted Bad Guys ... How Dumb Can They Be?

[A guest blog spot by ISS Managing Editor Elaine Foxwell.] Part of my job entails searching for news about self-storage for ISS’s "Media Watchdog" department. Some is pretty mundane—zoning changes to allow a facility, charity events and the like. And some are about crime. Not the most auspicious topic, but a nasty reality of life. Well, I came across a few items recently that made me wonder about ...
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Things Aren’t Always as They Seem

[A guest blog spot by ISS Editor Drew Whitney.] For those who’ve been following the tales of my debut into chicken-farming, the saga continues. For those who have not, a quick summary: We adopted six fluffy chicks in the spring, like many a good farmer (which I’m not). From lemon-size fluffs, they’ve doubled, tripled, quadrupled (at least) in size, as any good hen should; and now every time I ...
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