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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell


4 Ways Video Can Help Self-Storage Operators Increase Online Visibility

Guest blogger Cat Lane knows most self-storage operators face time and budget issues when it comes to addressing Internet and social-media marketing. But with consumers’ increasing reliance on the Web and more and more storage business conducted online, she believes the one strategy every operator should use is video.
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Awed by the Marine Spirit and Toys for Tots

Guest blogger Delilah Scott expanded her self-storage facility’s involvement in Toys for Tots this year by volunteering at her local Marine base. Not only did she get a behind the scenes look into why this program is so special, she also was awed by the spirit of the Marines she worked with and their deep commitment to the communities they serve.
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Why Self-Storage Managers Should Think Like Van Halen

Guest blogger Matthew Van Horn knows managing a self-storage facility is wrought with distractions that can lead to silly and expensive mistakes. He also sees the genius behind the rock group Van Halen’s ban on brown M&M’s and illustrates why operators should take a similar stance.
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New Year, New Laws for Self-Storage Operators

With 2012 coming to a close in just a little over a week, many self-storage operators are looking ahead and making plans for the coming year. There’s one critical area operators should keep an eye in the coming months—legislation affecting the self-storage industry.
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Connect with Customers to Make Self-Storage Experience Meaningful, Organized

Guest blogger Brandi Ulrey discusses the importance of taking the time to connect with customers to ensure they have a rewarding self-storage experience. Teaching tenants how to pack, what to keep, what to donate and how to access important items creates happy customers and prevents unwanted trash from finding its way to your dumpster.
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The Self-Storage Discount: Friend or Foe?

While discounting has been the go-to sales strategy in the self-storage industry for the past couple of years, times are changing. Operators are beginning to realize rental specials are great to bring people in the door, but may be detrimental to a self-storage business in the long term.
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Technology Is No Substitute for Old-School Self-Storage Principles

Guest blogger Jim Chiswell acknowledges that technological tools have been helpful to self-storage operators, but he also believes the performance of many managers has started to suffer as more emphasis is placed on the tools than the people side of the business. Instead, technology should be used to enhance manager performance not as a substitute.
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