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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell


[Self-Storage] Survey Says: What Do Your Customers Think About You?

If you’ve never offered a survey to your self-storage tenants, now’s the time to try it. Surveying your customers can be an excellent way to gauge how you’re doing—and what you can do better. It’s really your basic customer-service tool.
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Every Decision You Make Can Impact Your Self-Storage Business

Every decision made by self-storage managers and owners can either help or hurt their business. Guest blogger Joel Little says it is critical all employees understand the importance of the role they play in the success of a self-storage operation. The keys to success are minimizing mistakes, learning from them when they occur and making sound decisions.
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Self-Storage Operators Are Not Government Watchdogs: The Dangerous Precedents of the Safeguard Lawsuit

The lawsuit between NYC and Safeguard Properties may have been settled, but the conditions of the settlement could spell trouble for self-storage operators.
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Do You Feel Safe at Your Self-Storage Facility?

Most self-storage operators consider their facilities a safe environment for themselves and tenants. Yet, an angry customer who spirals out of control, a criminal using a facility to store illegal items, or any number of other scenarios can lead an operator to feel unsafe at his job, or home if he lives on site. While there is no surefire way to insolate yourself from the baddies of the world, there are steps you can take to be safer.
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Solving the Mystery of Self-Storage Market Demographics

How much do you know about your current self-storage tenants? Do you know your percentage of female customers, how payment habits correlate to length of stay, or the real worth of your small-unit tenants? Guest blogger Jim Chiswell says there are countless data points of demographic information that operates should put under a magnifying glass to learn about their internal trends.
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Perks vs. Paychecks: What Incentives Does Your Self-Storage Company Offer to Retain the Best Managers?

When it comes to compensating staff, self-storage operators need to consider not just the paycheck, but also any perks they could provide. Here are some ideas on how to balance these two elements and retain the best managers.
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Deflecting Self-Storage Distractions with Time-Management Tools

Guest blogger Matthew Van Horn knows how chaotic any five-minute span can be for any self-storage manager, owner or investor. In a quest to find a solution to his own project- and time-management challenges, he recently tested two software applications to help keep him focused, organized and unaffected by anyone waving something shiny.
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