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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell


The Power of Web Marketing: What ‘Stop Whining and Start Acting’ Got Wrong

Self-storage operators should take advantage of marketing tools that work for modern audiences—and mass media might not be the singular answer. Using the power of the Internet to brand your company is a much more potent, flexible and affordable strategy.
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ISS Buyer’s Guide: A Reference You’ll Use Year-Round

This week, the Inside Self-Storage brings you a reference you can use year-round: the 2011 Buyer’s Guide. The easy-to-use directory contains hundreds of self-storage product and service suppliers.
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A Self-Storage Operator’s View: Picking Up the Pieces in Joplin, Mo.

On May 22, the city of Joplin, Mo., was devastated by a Tornado so large and powerful it destroyed more than half of the city. Here's an update on the town's recovery by someone who manages three self-storage facilities in the area.
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Stop Whining and Start Acting (Literally): An Open Letter to Self-Storage Professionals

Randy Smith of Another Closet Self Storage in McAllen, Texas, talks about the poor public perception of self-storage and raises the question: What are we doing to proactively brand our industry? Meet Randy’s challenge as he discusses mass broadcast advertising, reality TV, and what self-storage professionals should be doing to improve the business for everyone.
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This Is Not a Home: Preventing Self-Storage Tenants From Living On Site

Regardless of how “down on their luck” a tenant gets, a self-storage facility simply isn’t the right place to put down roots.
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Making a Difference: What Self-Storage Operators Can Learn From NASA

While we as the storage industry cannot be responsible for the massive advances in science, medicine and such, we can make a difference.
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Self-Storage Operators: Are You Listening to Your Online Reputation?

The new prominence of Google Place Pages (maps), Google Reviews and social media has made controlling your online reputation more important—and more complex—than ever before.
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