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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell


10 Things to Consider When Raising Self-Storage Rent

In response to a recent thread on Self-Storage Talk about the logistics of raising self-storage rent, SST member James Webb posted these 10 tips.
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Self-Storage Marketing: What We Can Learn From Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl is as famous for its creative and fun ads as it is the actual game. And while self-storage operators don’t have multi-million-dollar marketing budgets like these advertisers, they do have one thing in common with these big-name companies—the chance to be super creative. Yes, it can be tough to find new and interesting ways to promote a self-storage business, but it can be done.
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Self-Storage Aggregators: A Symptom of a Larger Problem

Over the last few weeks you’ve probably heard about the self-storage aggregator issue that has been burning through our industry. But aggregators are really just a symptom of a larger problem within the self-storage industry. The fact is, we're extremely slow when it comes to integrating new technology. This has left the self-storage industry vulnerable to outside interests.
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Self-Storage Budgeting in 2012: Take the Time to Get it Right

Now’s the perfect opportunity to review your self-storage facility’s financial position as we move into 2012. For some, this will be used only as a metric to gauge your facility’s financial progression or regression. For others, budget planning is imperative for your facility’s financial well-being in regards to a potential sale or refinance. The best way to improve on something is to track everything.
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Self-Storage Collections: Making the Dreadful Task Successful ... and Pleasant

Let’s face it, collections will likely never be a favorite part of a self-storage operator's job. Unfortunately, it’s a must, much like cleaning gutters or enforcing the no-smoking rule. However, having a plan in place and developing collection skills can make the job a little less intimidating and lot more successful.
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Self-Storage in the Holiday Spirit: A Look at Operators’ Charitable Experiences

While I’ve written about dozens of amazing charitable acts in the last few weeks, I wanted to share a few I found particularly special, plus one company’s special holiday hello.
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Whose Budget Is It? Including Staff When Developing Your 2012 Self-Storage Budget

Planning your facility's 2012 budget? Are you asking your managers for input? If not, you should. Unless you get buy in from your management team, that piece of paper with the columns of numbers has really no meaning to them so how can you expect it to be achieved? ...
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