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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell


Yen and Yang: A Lesson in Self-Storage Refinancing 101

A couple of self-storage owners who are refinancing their facility loans have been contacting me over the past few days, and their approaches to the task are at polar opposites. Their experiences are a great lesson in what to do and what not to do when it comes to refinancing a self-storage loan.
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Inside Self-Storage World Expo Kicks Off Today in Las Vegas

The Inside Self-Storage World Expo opened today in Las Vegas with a bang. Today’s opening session featured a panel of self-storage heavy-hitters who discussed the industry’s status, online marketing, acquisitions and more.
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Do You Have the ‘Wow’ Factor? Cultivating the Ultimate Self-Storage Experience

What makes your self-storage facility different than all the others? You can dazzle your potential customers with tales of how safe and secure your facility is, but there is one critical factor that will stand out above the rest.
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Are You Open? Determining Your Self-Storage Facility Hours

Operating hours is a critical consideration for every self-storage facility. All facilities differ, with some open 24 hours, seven days a week, while others may be closed during the night hours or even on a weekday or Sunday.
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The Practical Web: Surefire Ways Self-Storage Operators Can Improve Online Activity

For many self-storage operators, the premise of building a website, using it for marketing and leveraging social media is a bit of a mystery. Reality is there are definitely technical aspects that are better left to professionals. But when it comes to using the Web to drive your self-storage business, it’s time to start thinking of it as a practical tool.
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Self-Storage Tenant Protection: Beware of the Hazardous 'Other Insurance' Clause

Many self-storage tenant-insurance providers have created programs by patching together policy forms from the insurance carriers providing the coverage, going as far as taking a commercial-lines policy to make it fit personal-lines exposures. However, this creates potential pitfalls. One is a clause called “other insurance.” ...
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Self-Storage Operators: Are You Saving for Retirement?

For most of us, retirement is a magical place we can only hope to reach. Yes, we’ll all reach an age where we can longer do the day-to-day grind, but few of us believe Social Security will fund our lifestyles—modest as they may be. So we’ve turned to retirement funds, savings accounts, investments in our homes and businesses with the hope that one or all of these will ensure there’s money in the bank on retirement day.
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