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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell


Timing of Your Self-Storage Rental Agreement Review

Self-storage operators who haven't updated their rental agreements in the last few years could be opening themselves up to a host of problems. There has been just too much legislation and litigation to ignore the document that permanently establishes the legal relationship between self-storage operators and their customers.
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The Right Way to Build Your Self-Storage Brand in Social Media

Since social media came onto the scene a few years ago, self-storage operators have grappled with how—and if, really—it fits into their branding, marketing and customer service responsibilities.
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The Game of Selling Self-Storage

Not many people see the aspect of selling self-storage as a game, but it has the makings of one. There are typically rules in place that you follow, two or more players are involved and, of course, there's end goal in mind—to win.
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Mastering the Self-Storage Management Software Learning Curve

Technology plays a huge role in the self-storage industry. Not only has it changed the way self-storage operators market their facilities, it’s also altered the way they operate them. Few facilities now run without some kind of management-software program. And today’s programs offer so much more than just a way to take payments or lease a unit.
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And You Think Filing This Year’s Taxes Was Hard: Self-Storage Operators Face New Challenges in 2013

Just a word of caution about what could happen on Jan. 1, 2013. Unless our dysfunctional Congress gets its act together, average American families are headed toward a sweeping tax increase estimated at $3,800 next year. This could have serious consequences for the self-storage industry.
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Protecting Your Self-Storage Business: A Full-Time Job

There are many facets to protecting a self-storage business. In addition to hiring top employees to ensure daily operations are successful, self-storage owners also need to consider the security of their site, maintenance of buildings and components, have the right insurance coverages, and shield the business—and themselves—from litigation.
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Crazy Tuesday Is Coming! Is Your Self-Storage Facility Prepared?

The day after Memorial Day has been dubbed “Crazy Tuesday” in the self-storage industry. Here are some things self-storage operators can do to get ready.
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