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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell


Technology Is No Substitute for Old-School Self-Storage Principles

Guest blogger Jim Chiswell acknowledges that technological tools have been helpful to self-storage operators, but he also believes the performance of many managers has started to suffer as more emphasis is placed on the tools than the people side of the business. Instead, technology should be used to enhance manager performance not as a substitute.
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Managers at Simply Storage Contend With Hurricane Sandy

In times of natural disaster, like the current Hurricane Sandy that is terrorizing the East Coast, it's up to self-storage facility managers to be vigilant about their properties, protect them as best they can and address customer concerns. The managers at Simply Storage in Virginia Beach, Va., share their disaster strategies.
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Managers, What Do You Think of the REITs?

As a self-storage manager, you may feel like your “voice” isn’t heard some days. Maybe ownership didn’t ask for your input about a upcoming project, marketing strategy or even whether the facility needs a software upgrade. Regardless, there are likely going to be days when your voice is simply lost in the shuffle. Now’s your chance to sound off about an important topic affecting most self-storage managers: self-storage real estate investment trusts (REITs).
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Approximating the Real Cost of ‘Storage Wars’ for Self-Storage Operators

Guest blogger Gina Six Kudo talks about the real costs self-storage operators must bear as a result of "Storage Wars" and the popularity of similar programs. Read her nightmarish tale of dealing with auction overages, the county's red tape, and unmanageable auction attendance.
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Do Americans Need Self-Storage?

An article on MSN suggests Americans should save their bucks and purge their stuff rather than pay a monthly self-storage rental bill. Of course, this isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last time someone takes aim at the “uselessness” of the self-storage industry. Here's a rebuttal to the article's seven points and why self-storage should be considered a valuable service.
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If You Can’t Pay Attention to Your Self-Storage Customers, You Won’t Win Their Business

Do you give your self-storage customers your full attention? It is very hard to rent storage space if you aren't listening closely to your customers. They will know when you are not paying attention to them, and many will ultimately go find a company that will.
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What Will the Slow Season Be Like for Self-Storage Operators This Year?

With the fall "slow" self-storage season just around the corner, the author ponders whether business will truly slowdown. Or has self-storage become so entrenched in society there is no longer a slow season for operators? ...
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