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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell


Storage Universe Slightly Expanded

A wonderful surprise this morning as I sign on and sift through the weekend's e-mail: A budding storage operator in the Houston area read my post from a few days ago in which I urged professionals in the business to start their own blogs. Dario and Anna Vargas took my words to heart and launched their own blogventure! You can read what they're up to here. I urge you to visit—and comment on—their ...
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9/11: Never Forgotten

It was almost exactly two years ago that eight British-born Pakistani men were arrested in London suburbs on suspicion of plotting a terrorist bomb attack. They were apprehended after more than a half-ton of ammonium-nitrate fertilizer (a basic ingredient in home-made explosives) was discovered at a self-storage facility in Hanwell, U.K., near Heathrow Airport. The trial, pending, is still ...
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The Power of Blogs

What do you call it when the subject of a writing or conversation is the writing or conversation itself? I forget. At any rate, today's blog post is about—ta da!—blogs. But not just any blogs, self-storage blogs, as one was highlighted in today's news. A release that went out on PR Web this morning identifies Tron Jordheim's blog as a testament to the fact that blogs have real power in fueling ...
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Belated Paddy's Day

Someone should coin a term for the recovery period you require after a "vacation." Seriously, who comes down off of a holiday rested? You run around for several days sight-seeing, entertaining and what-not, consuming far more food and beverage than normal (on a highly erratic schedule, mind you). This doesn't even cover the psychic havoc often wreaked when you spend time with family. It's plumb ...
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Family Values

The thing I miss most about living on the East Coast is regular access to ocean front. I crave the beach, the sea, especially as summer approaches. I think of childhood summers, when my family would spend weeks on Cape Ann. We'd stay at a lovely little place called the Chicataubut Inn, which has unfortunately faded into history like an old photograph. I was reminded of this just yesterday as I ...
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Consolidate, Pontificate, Mediate, Alleviate?

Some of you may remember the song "Mediate," released in 1991 by rock group INXS. It was notable for it's assonant simplicity: a string of rhyming words that ultimately wove a philosopho-politcal message. I think of it today as I ready through the deluge of news posts generated by the Public Storage/Shurgard merger—especially as one word continually leaps off the screen: consolidate. Yes, ...
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Sweet Soul Storage

The initiated will recognize that today's blog title is a play off of a song by The Cult (one of the greatest rock bands in the world, thank you very much). No, this isn't a "young person" thing—The Cult has been around for more than 20 years, creating alternative music to inspire girls' swooning and boys' fist-raising/air-punching. I had the distinct pleasure of attending a Cult concert at the ...
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