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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell


And away we go at the ISS Expo...

I'm here at the Inside Self-Storage Expo at Mandalay Bay, which runs until the end of the week. Check here regularly throughout the show to see event updates and, yes, photos! ...
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Pell Mell Week

It was an amazingly quiet weekend for me, and I designed it that way intentionally. Only because I'm bracing myself for the impending hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas show, the experience of which is akin to condensing several objects into a small space via the use of a vacuum-pack device—like that miraculous FoodSaver they advertise on HSN. (Come on, admit it! You've watched it at least once, ...
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And it's Just a Box of Life

Part of my morning routine involves combing the web for fresh news about self-storage. Most of the time, my findings are pretty clear-cut; but every once in a while, I get a curve ball. Take this photo, for example, which came up on a Yahoo! news search: Was this image of a storage facility in Brooklyn—complete with police officer and ominous yellow caution tape—regarding an incident that took ...
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In Memory of Wally

If you've read the feed on the ISS website, then you already know the upsetting news we received today. Wally Schultz, founder and CEO of the publishing company that produces Metal Marketplace magazine, passed away suddenly on Monday. (You can also read the details regarding services and donations in his obituary.) I didn't know Wally particularly well, but we worked together for several years, ...
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Eminent Pain

Eminent domain is on the loose, but lawmakers are out to rein it in. As a matter of fact, according to UPI, 39 states want to limit the federal government's power to confiscate private property and turn it over to developers for the sake of "economic progress." This is crucial to a business like self-storage, which could easily fall prey in this little hunt. Last June, the U.S. Supreme Court ...
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One of these days, I'm gonna write that novel...

Self-storage is not really one of those industries you dream of working in from childhood. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that a lot of present-day storage professionals have no idea how they ended up here. I certainly don't. I thought I'd end up as an English professor, or a book-publishing mogul, or—please, oh, please!—a successful novelist. Sure, "hot-shot magazine editor" was certainly among ...
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Ode to Prerogative

OK, OK. I know I said I was going to further my commentary on this affiliation business and Tron's blog, etc. But it's Friday, for crying out loud, and I just don't feel like being cantankerous today. (Isnt' that a great word?) The weather is gorgeous in Arizona right now, and all I really want to think about is hopping on the V-Star with my brand-new bat-wing backpack (received as a gift for ...
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