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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell


Going to the Chapel Anyway?

For some, wedding planning is a joy, a sheer delight, a privilege and an honor. For those who aren't on Prozac, however, it can be an intensely nerve-wracking experience. This would explain the growing popularity of destination weddings, which not only tend to be more relaxing, they add a twist of the exotic to a largely traditional event. My husband and I were married in Pre-Katrina New Orleans.
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Happy WEBirthday(inar)

When I was born on this day XX years ago (nope, don't ask!), it was actually Mother's Day. Thankfully, my mom never said banal things to me like, "It was the best Mother's Day present I could have asked for!" Seems to me several hours of hard labor is precisely NOT the way to spend any holiday, let alone one intended to celebrate the glory of maternity. I would gladly have frittered the day away ...
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Ah, La Bella Siena...

During my junior year of college, I spent six months studying abroad at "La Universitá per Stranieri," the School of Language and Culture for Foreigners, in Siena, Italy. As much as I'd love to take that trip down Memory Lane, it's actually not where I'm going with this post. I was simply reminded of this gorgeous gothic city when I stumbled across the website for the Siena Hotel Spa & ...
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It's a Taxing Business

This week, an AP article posted on outlined 10 reasons New Jersey residents should pay attention to Governor Jon Corzine's new state budget. New Jersey is just one of many states looking to apply sales tax to a selection of previously tax-free services, such as health-club memberships, shipping and handling, golf and—you guessed it—self-storage. In a state where sales tax is about to ...
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Storage: Like the 'Wild West'?!

Today your getting "tidbits from the tired and insipid." The writer in me has been extremely quiet this week. Either she's asleep, or the rest of world is making so much darn noise that I can't hear her. In either case, the pen (rather, the keyboard) remains painfully still. Time for a little correspondence control. First, hats off to David and Carol Lackland, owners of Lackland Self-Storage in ...
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Kayaking, Anyone?

By now, most of our readers know we're heading to Reno-Tahoe for the next Inside Self-Storage Expo on July 19-22. What some you may not realize, however, is this is not a NEW offering. It isn't a "summer expo added to the already stellar lineup of ISS trade events." No. It's our fall show turned summer. Dig? We've had a little confusion about this because in the past our "fall" expo was ... well ...
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Wanted: Bounty to Help Boot the Garbage Bag

Raelene Gosselin is an 11-year-old foster child in Manitoba, Canada, and she's asking for support. I was happy to read in today's Winnipeg Sun that she's already getting some assistance from Murray and Linda Pitt of Merlyn Self-Storage (they've donated a free storage unit to Raelene's cause). It's always refreshing to see people in our business lending a helping hand.Here's what's going down: ...
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