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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell


OoOoOo, Scary! The Noir Side of Reno

Are you the type that enjoys a good fright? Then don't miss the Reno Mystery History Ghost Walk when you join us for the Inside Self-Storage Reno Expo, July 19-22! ...
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The Need to Screen

On Tuesday, June 13th, Inside Self-Storage and Jeff Greenberger will host the next webinar in the Legal Learning series: "The Benefits and Cautions Involved in Tenant Screening." Most storage operators these days recognize the importance of this practice; but I want to talk for a moment about employee screening, because it's equally critical. First, let me tell a quick personal story. Late last ...
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Heavenly Storage?

It's not often you see self-storage all rolled up in a neat little package with religion, but a post in today's East Texas Review Gospel News makes an interesting little connection: We don't need to store things on earth because if you're a "good Christian," you're "laying up treasures in heaven" (Matthew 6:19-21). Here's the relevant excerpt from Dr. David Dykes: Over the last 40 years, a new ...
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Back on March 30th, I blogged about a storage operator who had concerns about the fact that her income was closely tied to weekly store revenue and the effects increased competition was having on her business. I went on to discuss some unusual, "high-powered" marketing tactics, including mention of one facility using NASCAR sponsorships to enhance its visibility to the public. Looks like the ...
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Remembering Greatness

Originally called "Decoration Day," Memorial day is a remembrance of individuals who have died serving our country. This weekend, as you plan your BBQs, picnics, parties and other festivities, take just a moment to consider the meaning behind the long-awaited three-day weekend. (If you'd like to know about the origins and history of this holiday, jump on over to Memorial Day ...
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Storage Marketing Resources

Most self-storage operators aren't trained in marketing; and yet it's become essential to the health of any storage business, particularly in ultra-competitive areas.
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Dinner, Dancing , the Whole Kittencaboodle

If you like dinner, and you like dancing, and you like being on a cruise ship, and picturesque sky lines and all that jazz, then just wait until you learn about the options to enjoy all of the above in a single package in Reno/Tahoe, Nev., during the ISS Expo, July 19-22. Is sunset your favorite time of day? Then check out these delightful dusk events: Emerald Bay Sightseeing Dinner Cruise Sunset ...
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