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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell


Reno Day 2, Fun on the Show Floor!

We're on the show floor at the ISS Reno Expo, and things are startin' to sizzle. Here are some storage peeps you might recognize. First, you gotta see the bee. One of our exhibitors is handing out these squeeze bee keychains, and they are EVERYWHERE. And they are very hard to put down. They're creating quite a buzzzzz.... Heh, heh. I think this guy is really enjoying his bee ... maybe a little ...
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Reno at Last

We’re here at last: The Inside Self-Storage Expo in Reno, Nev., which rolls until Saturday and culminates with our popular Developers’ Seminar. I landed near midnight last night, after sitting on the tarmac in Phoenix waiting out the aftermath of a dust storm—yaaaaaaay. Nothing better than sitting in a metal tube, breathing in God knows what viruses and stale, recycled air. But now that I’m here ...
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Props to the Association Down Unda

Props to the Self-Storage Association of Australasia, which was recently highlighted in The Age, an Australian newspaper. Executive Director Rennie Schafer, who has contributed feature articles to Inside Self-Storage regarding his local industry, was the spokesperson for the piece. According to the article, self-storage is one of the country's fastest growing industries—to date, there are more ...
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Sorry, New Jerseyans

Saturday's a big day for New Jersey businesses. Whether they like it or not, July 15th marks the start date of a statewide sales-tax increase from 6 percent to 7 percent. And that's not all. Storage operators get theirs on October 1, when the new tax will be levied on a whole host of previously exempt services, including self-storage. How will this affect rentals for facilities in the state? I'd ...
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No good deed...

Every spring, Inside Self-Storage compiles the data for its new annual Buyer's Guide and Top-Operators List, which gets published as the magazine's August issue. And every spring, we have companies that—for whatever reason—miss the boat on these free opportunities. Perhaps they never received the fax or e-mail invitation to participate; or their form got lost in the cybersphere; or the person ...
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Drugs, bombs and deadbeat tenants who sue... Does it get any better than this?

When you work in self-storage, reading industry-related news is generally about as pleasant as having your teeth cleaned. Sure, we can blame the media for exploiting sensationalist events; but let's also accept the fact that storage attracts some scum. Articles I've read over the past week serve to confirm this: a guy who set himself ablaze while cooking up meth in a storage unit in Mobile, Ala.; ...
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State of the Industry

As a magazine that caters exclusively to the self-storage business, Inside Self-Storage receives frequent inquiries from readers and vendors regarding the state of the industry. People want to know about the stength of potential investments, the saturation of specific geographic markets, the demand for products and services in various states, etc. While we strive to provide the most in-depth ...
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