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Teri Lanza

Teri Lanza
Editorial Director


Has the Next Self-Storage Building Boom Already Begun?

While no one has predicted that the next self-storage building boom will approach the fever pitch of new builds during the 1990s, numerous indicators suggest operators and new investors are currently bullish on development through ground-up construction and facility expansion. The next boom may already have begun.
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Expand Your Self-Storage Brand, Work Your Business Expansion Plan

When people talk about expanding a business brand, they're referring to a company's ability to permeate a marketplace with knowledge of its reputation, products and services. In the case of self-storage, brand extension often includes the addition of physical buildings. Where is your brand popping up on the map? These resources will help you plan and design facilities, create project timelines, identify key tasks and more. You'll even get a sneak peek at expansion plans for some of the industry's top operators.
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Can Self-Storage Operators Climate Control Their Business?

Self-storage operators regularly market the climate-controlled features of their facilities, but can they apply the same principles to their business operation and its ability to withstand the impact from an extreme-weather event? A new report discusses why small businesses are particularly vulnerable to extreme weather and the collective impact this can have on the economy.
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A Shoutout to SEO Newbies: See Beyond the Acronym to the Marketing Potential

It's no secret that creating and maintaining an online presence is a crucial part of your self-storage marketing strategy. Buzzwords like "search engine optimization" (SEO) and "Google rankings" have become central to the conversation. We are constantly told to build our online presence—create a Twitter page, create a Facebook page, gather reviews from customers—but do we really know the value of each aspect and how to implement it properly? ...
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Synchronize Your Self-Storage Business to Beat the Competition

Similar to synchronized swimming, the intricacies of self-storage are more complicated than they look, requiring training, a commitment to fundamentals and dedication to continually develop new skill sets. Just as synchronized swim teams develop routines and continue to tinker and perfect them throughout a season to compete at the highest level, self-storage operators must continually hone their operation to consistently beat the competition.
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Charitable Commitments Can Bond a Self-Storage Facility With Its Community

With so much attention tied to the day-to-day operation of a self-storage facility, it can be easy to have tunnel vision about the business and lose focus on the community it serves. Guest blogger Robert Madsen shares details about a recent customer-appreciation charitable event including unexpected rewards that further cemented the bond between his self-storage business and its community.
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A Little Summertime Reading for Self-Storage Operators

Do you remember celebrating summertime as a kid, spending days lazing around doing the things you loved? For me it was lounging by the pool with my nose in a really good book. I often lack the time to luxuriate in reading, and lot of professionals are in the same boat. But it may be worthwhile to spend a bit of your work day reading when the book helps you do a better job and improve your business. Here are some guilt-free summer reading options for self-storage operators.
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