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Teri Lanza

Teri Lanza
Editorial Director


Taking a Global Self-Storage Excursion, In Person or Via Printed Page

If you're interested in the global self-storage industry, with an eye bent toward owning, operating or building facilities in mushrooming markets outside the U.S., then this autumn holds a cornucopia of opportunity for you. Learn about the educational and business-centric events taking place around the world in the next several weeks, as well a free new publication that will give you international insight from the comfort of your own desktop or mobile device.
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Cultivate Potential to Grow Your Self-Storage Business

Trying to reach your business or athletic potential can be an arduous, incremental process, but the experience should be associated with opportunity, not negativity. Potential is a latent seed that requires cultivation and nurturing. If nearly every self-storage operation has potential, how do you go about fulfilling it? ...
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Dread Reduction: Online Auctions Ease the Self-Storage Lien Burden

For most self-storage operators, going through the lien process on a delinquent unit is a burdensome, unrewarding endeavor. Guest blogger Justin Jones used to circle auction day on his calendar with dread, so he decided to experiment with an online auction. If you’re on the fence about pursuing the online route, you’ll want to read this detailed account and assessment.
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Prodding and Planning: Time for Your Self-Storage Operation's Annual Checkup and Budget

Self-storage operators everywhere are entering their 2014 planning and budget season. This process is critical, and it goes hand in hand with the annual business checkup, which allows you to pinpoint areas of problem performance and get your revenue goals back on track. Get your facility ready for its annual prod! Here are some tools to help guide the exam and create a checklist of items to evaluate.
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The Health of Your Self-Storage Facility Relies on Economic Occupancy

A common mistake some self-storage owners and managers make regarding the health of their facilities is relying too heavily on physical occupancy. Guest blogger Carol Mixon-Krendl, owner of SkilCheck Inc., says unit occupancy rates can be misleading and that a better way to maximize the health of a self-storage property is by understanding its economic occupancy.
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Has the Next Self-Storage Building Boom Already Begun?

While no one has predicted that the next self-storage building boom will approach the fever pitch of new builds during the 1990s, numerous indicators suggest operators and new investors are currently bullish on development through ground-up construction and facility expansion. The next boom may already have begun.
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Expand Your Self-Storage Brand, Work Your Business Expansion Plan

When people talk about expanding a business brand, they're referring to a company's ability to permeate a marketplace with knowledge of its reputation, products and services. In the case of self-storage, brand extension often includes the addition of physical buildings. Where is your brand popping up on the map? These resources will help you plan and design facilities, create project timelines, identify key tasks and more. You'll even get a sneak peek at expansion plans for some of the industry's top operators.
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