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Teri Lanza

Teri Lanza
Editorial Director


Self-Storage Talk Discussion: NIMBYism Among Facilities?

Self-storage facilities are often victims of NIMBYism. A large percentage of people stereotype self-storage facilities as targets for thieves and transients. But similarly, some have suggested that self-storage owners and operators fall into the trap of NIMBYism themselves.
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'No More Drama!' The Rallying Cry of SST Members

If only it were as easy as writing a song for self-storage operator to get rid of their drama—or rather the drama of their tenants. Tenants are finding new ways to shock operators by bringing their personal problems to the doorstep of their business.
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The New ISS Web Experience: Rich Media Website for Self-Storage Professionals

Nearly all businesses function differently in the digital age than they did 10 or even just two years ago. Unless yours is an incredibly “old school” operation, you’ve probably adapted your business rules and product delivery to suit a more tech-savvy and information-hungry audience. Inside Self-Storage (ISS), which straddles the worlds of self-storage and publishing, is no different, having just launched a new media website that meets user demand for richer, easier-to-find, searchable and even subscription-based content.
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Stay Scam-Free With Self-Storage Talk

Unfortunately, scammers and spammers aren't going away, especially in the advanced age of technology in which we live. But you can stay informed on these nefarious plots through Self-Storage Talk.
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The Courageous Tale of 'Steady Eddie': Self-Storage Manager Faces Tenant Shooter

I was contacted this week by a  self-storage owner who operates a couple of facilities in Kentucky. On Aug. 7, one of his managers endured a harrowing experience with two storage tenants, a 30-something-year-old couple undergoing separation. Below is the heroic tale of "Steady Eddie," who faced potential homicide and tenant suicide on what was otherwise a languid, hot Saturday in Louisville, Ky.
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Find Self-Storage Investment and Construction Advice on Self-Storage Talk and at the Inside Self-Storage World Expo

It's wise to spend time researching your possible investments, expansions and acquisitions on Self-Storage Talk and at the Inside Self-Storage World Expo, as you can get on-point feedback from industry experts.
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The ISS Expo Forum: It's (Big) Easy

Headed to New Orleans soon? One resource you can and should use if you're planning on attending is the ISS World Expo New Orleans 2010 forum on Self-Storage Talk.
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