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Teri Lanza

Teri Lanza
Editorial Director


Input Wanted: Making Self-Storage Talk More Mobile?

The biggest smartphone advantage for me is that Self-Storage Talk, the official online forum of Inside Self-Storage, is always in my pocket. If I want to log onto the forum while I'm sitting on a train or in a hotel room, I can.
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Manipulative Tenants: Begging, Bargaining, Sneaking and More

When tenants are late on rent and need to retrieve something from their units, all manner of shenanigans occur. Read what delinquent customers have done to bamboozle, cajole and trick managers into unit access.
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Celebrity Rental Stories on Self-Storage Talk

Self-storage operators sometimes are treated (or, in rare instances, burdened) with the excitement of having celebrity tenants. Go figure that the rich and famous have plenty of stuff and they have to travel a lot, meaning they probably do need self-storage from time to time.
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The Political Side of Job Stress: Clashing With Coworkers

For many people in America, their job is a source of great stress. A demanding workload and cranky clients represent common types of work strain, but potentially more wearing is the angst created by difficult colleagues. What do you do when your job stress stems from the personalities of your boss or co-workers? ...
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Self-Storage Audience Trending Toward Tech

The self-storage industry has made tremendous strides in becoming tech-savvy in the past year, and it doesn't show signs of slowing down. Here are a few things gleaned from the recent Inside Self-Storage World Expo in New Orleans.
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Last Day in New Orleans: What We've Learned

We’re wrapping things up today at the Inside Self-Storage World Expo in New Orleans, where for the past two days we’ve been talking with industry professionals from all over the globe. What are they all saying? They feel ready to come out of the foxhole and get back to building their businesses.
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Follow the Inside Self-Storage World Expo on Self-Storage Talk, Twitter

This week, self-storage industry pros will either be attending the Inside Self-Storage World Expo in New Orleans, one the of industry's biggest events, or they won't be able to make it. The good news for those in either camp is that you can follow the events and discuss them in two different places.
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