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Teri Lanza

Teri Lanza
Editorial Director


Three Tips to Make Self-Storage Talk Even More Useful

Self-Storage Talk has several shortcuts, tips and tricks that can make using the forum easier, more fun and more productive.
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Managers Talk Maintenance on Self-Storage Talk

When it comes to self-storage facility maintenance, there's no better place to get advice—or share some—than Self-Storage Talk.
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Gotten Any Positive Publicity Lately? Why the Heck Not?

Positive public relations is some of the best (and cheapest) marketing around for self-storage businesses, and yet too few facility operators participate in community and charitable events—or actively promote themselves when they do. Getting press coverage is easier than it looks. Learn more and claim your space in the limelight.
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Share Your Photos on Self-Storage Talk

Every so often, something funny or "cool-looking" happens at a self-storage facility. It could be a rainbow on the horizon or deer drinking from the creek behind the property. Share your photos on Self-Storage Talk.
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Input Wanted: Making Self-Storage Talk More Mobile?

The biggest smartphone advantage for me is that Self-Storage Talk, the official online forum of Inside Self-Storage, is always in my pocket. If I want to log onto the forum while I'm sitting on a train or in a hotel room, I can.
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Manipulative Tenants: Begging, Bargaining, Sneaking and More

When tenants are late on rent and need to retrieve something from their units, all manner of shenanigans occur. Read what delinquent customers have done to bamboozle, cajole and trick managers into unit access.
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Celebrity Rental Stories on Self-Storage Talk

Self-storage operators sometimes are treated (or, in rare instances, burdened) with the excitement of having celebrity tenants. Go figure that the rich and famous have plenty of stuff and they have to travel a lot, meaning they probably do need self-storage from time to time.
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